Health Food Trend Recap

Happy Hump Day, friends!

After taking some time to digest (literally and figuratively) everything from the Natural Product Expo, I wanted to share some of our favorite finds + trends. With over 3,000 exhibitors featuring their products, it was such an incredible opportunity to better understand where the natural food industry is headed.

Here’s a glimpse of what we saw and what you can expect to see in grocery stores soon:

Trends + Themes:

Bone Broth || every possible form. This is a trend I’m very excited about. Bone broth is similar to your normal chicken/beef/veg stock, but bone broth is cooked for a longer period of time (usually 24+ hours) to allow all of the good stuff like vitamins, minerals to pull from the bones and ligaments into the broth. Beyond the vitamins and minerals, you’re also getting a pure form of protein and collagen via the gelatin  (gut repair + glowy skin superstar). There are quite a few brands featuring bone broth in all forms: powdered, liquid, frozen, blended with vegetables (our personal favorite). The top bone broths we saw were organic, grass-fed, and made in small batches. This company  is absolutely nailing the bone broth trend - if you see their products in a store, definitely try some out!

Collagen || We’ve been testing out collagen in our diets for the last year and loved the effects (see below), so it’s exciting to see so many new options. The most common collagens are in powdered form, meant to mix in with your morning coffee, tea, smoothie, etc. Personally, we add it to our bulletproof coffee in the morning and our green smoothies. This company makes extremely high quality, well-sourced collagen and is the most delicious one we’ve found.
Benefits of collagen:

  • Aids in new collagen growth within the body (repair ligaments + bones!)
  • Improves elasticity in skin + hair + nails

Probiotics+ || More than just a supplement now, this good-for-your-gut bacteria was added into all sorts of products: granola bars, drinks, shots, chocolate bars, you name it. I’m a firm believer that a healthy gut is one of the key essentials to overall health, but this trend might be a bit overdone. Some of the products contained such a trace amount of probiotics, that once mixed with sugar and preservatives, the likelihood of reaping any of the benefits is likely gone. When looking for probiotics, try to find products with 10 billion+ CFUs (the good stuff). This ensures you’re getting the biggest bang for your... gut... ;) Our favorite products in this category are these tasty drinks.

Other trends:

  • Nut butters: Holy moly, there were so many nut butters. If you were craving a cinnamon-raisin peanut butter, you’re in luck. While there were so many nut butter companies, it seemed as if all of the owners of these companies were the sweetest, most adorable and genuine people - you just can’t dislike a nut butterer.
  • You couldn’t go halfway down an aisle without meeting a meat (or vegan!)  jerky producer. This isn’t your normal run of the mill jerky, either. We’re talking Rosemary Date Chicken Jerky (free-range, of course).
  • Alternative milk options were out in full swing. There were your go-to almond or coconut milks, but this oat milk caught our eye and was so delicious!
  • Ketogenic diets: We will definitely continue to follow this trend - it’s looking like this will be the new trendy diet. “Keto” is a diet that strives to get your body into ketosis, where it burns fat for energy over blood sugar. This is done by consuming a high-fat diet and occasional fasting.
    There are studies that are suggesting it results in fat loss, improves overall strength, and has been used to fight late stage cancer (crazy, right?!).

That’s a wrap! As always, there are a million things to focus on in the health world. If you decide to try something new out, see how you feel, and do what makes you feel your best.



(ModWellness is not sponsored by these products - this is strictly our own opinion and things we dig.)