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..and all things wellness related!


This launch has been a labor of love filled with many deep breaths, lots (and lots) of recipe testing, and maybe a few glasses of wine. Many of you have asked what ModWellness is all about, and I’d like to take a minute to break it down below:

Health Trends : You’ve probably come across so many articles, instagram posts, blog posts, emails, flyers, words of advice, news segments (enough already?) on what you’re supposed to or not supposed to do/eat/drink that you might feel like you’re in a sea of conflicting advice. We’ll break it down for you - we live for testing health trends out on ourselves, and will be brutally honest on how we feel. Example: probiotics changed Meredith’s life while Maca powder had no effect (wah, wah). Kyle thrives on cold plunges but has seen little benefit from pine pollen tinctures. We will break everything down so you know whatsup.

Coaching : This is available in many forms. One-on-one, group programs, online intensives, you name it. If you’re interested in a customized approach to improve your health, want accountability as you launch a new diet, or just need that extra vote of confidence as you launch a wellness regime, I’m here for you. You have all of the tools you need to succeed, I’m here to help you find them and learn to use them.

30 Day Restarts : These are 100% online and give you the accountability you need to kickstart a healthier self. We’ll send you diet suggestions + recipes, exercise tips, lifestyle + energy boosters, and tools you need to plan ahead.

Recipes + Grocery Lists: If we’re giving you advice, we want you to know we practice what we preach. Every week, we’ll be posting out grocery lists with a few recipe ideas so you are equipped with the information you need to live a healthier lifestyle

Moderation! We are strong believers that with any diet, there should be a lot of green vegetables, but there must also be an element of moderation and forgiveness. Nobody is perfect, so rather than shun that, let’s embrace it. If you want a cookie or glass of wine after that healthy dinner, go for it. We aren’t judging (in fact, we’re right there with you!)

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Meredith + Kyle