Hi there! I'm Meredith Evans McAllister, C.H.H.C. (Certified Holistic Health Coach).

My journey started with food started very early (my first ever memory was sneaking a chunk of butter from the counter) and has evolved wildly throughout my life. Fast forward to now, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than a meal shared with those around me using ingredients produced with love. Food should nourish our bodies in all ways and make us feel like the incredible and strong people we are.

As a certified holistic health coach + yoga instructor + ayurvedic practitioner, I spend countless hours working with others and doing my own research to help serve you and your health needs the best.

My Story

Like many, my relationship with food wasn’t always healthy. Through a lot of self-discovery, I learned what it meant to seek happiness in all aspects of my life. There was a natural shift that occurred where food became my nourishment, and not an enemy. I sought to learn about how foods could help me become my best self.

It was also around this time that I was diagnosed with an autoimmune digestive disorder. I refused to believe that medications were necessary, and took the challenge to change my diet to heal. After many trials, I determined what foods made my body thrive and have been in remission since and feel on top of the world. There are still days where it's not easy, but this is why I emphasize that it's a journey. 

Food plays a vital role in our lives, and it’s my goal to help you feel your best. We’ll work together to develop a game-plan for all aspects of your life (job + sleeping habits + relationships + stress levels)  and you’ll walk away equipped with the understanding of what makes you feel amazing and live your best life.