ModWellness was started with the idea that being healthy shouldn't be hard, but it should be sustainable. 

We focus on the basics (eat your veggies), but also on how to take the steps to be your best self. We study health trends, then make it accessible to you to understand what's happening in this 'new fad diet a day' kinda world. We aren't about diets, but we are about healthy lifestyles. 

Meredith is a holistic health coach (i.e. look at all aspects of your life to feel the most badass you've ever felt), and offers 1:1 health coaching, 30 day restarts, corporate wellness programs, and will be launching wellness retreats in late 2017.  Her theory on being healthy? We all know what we need to do and have the tools to do it, but sometimes we need an extra nudge, new recipe, or life change to actually do it.